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Bugle Juice

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Bugle Juice

    • Metamodernity Bourbon whiskey
    • Elsewhere blood orange liqueur
    • Fermented young ginger
    • 375mL
    • 22% Alc. by Vol.

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Over Ice 

Into The Bottle

Bugle Juice! Bugle Juice! Bugle Juice!

An elk bugle the first time you hear it will stop you in your tracks. It’s a bellowing sound that rises from the belly to a high pitched scream that ends with repetitive grunting. This dinosaur like roar is used to attract females during mating seaso. If you’re familiar with Blind Duck Blackberry Brandy’s origin story this one starts the same, on a hunt. Every year we go bow hunting for elk and at the end there’s a big celebration. Bugle Juice, a ginger old fashioned made with fermented young ginger, Metamodernity Bourbon whiskey and Elsewhere blood orange liqueur over ice. Bugle Juice celebrates the big hunt. Pick some up for next years elk camp and enjoy by the fire.


-Brian K.

We didn't set out to make an Old Fashioned, we set out to make a ginger beer.  Starling Yards, a grower of specialty crops in the Hudson Valley, reached out last Fall -- they had an incredible growing year. We picked up 100 lbs of ginger and 100 lbs of leaves and stalks and set off making what we hoped would be a low alc, fermented ginger beer. We juiced the ginger, chopped up the stalks, and added the juice and the greens and the pulp into the fermenter with a heavy dose of sugar and water and a cup of starter.. and away it went. We immediately started the long and arduous process of registering our formulas and labels with the TTB, our government regulating body, until they politely reminded us that we can't ferment cane sugar on its own unless we intend to distill it. (If you're wondering why your local brewery is making hard seltzer, now you know -- its because they can).

So! Another beverage I want to make thwarted by the rules -- but where to go next?! Bugel Juice. We cold settled and racked off the fermented ginger beer and used it to proof down Metamodernity Bourbon from barrel strength. Originally, we were thinking Whiskey Ginger. Our Meta Bourbon has a rich, classic bourbon profile that distinguishes itself with an especially rich texture and a big sesame flavor, both attributes lent from the portion of roasted oats in the mash bill. The ginger and sesame worked so well together - a classic flavor combination in parts of the world. The acidity from the fermented ginger coupled with the strength of the whiskey and the baking spices from the barrel.. all it needed was a bit of an oily, bittersweet citrus element and suddenly we realized we had ourselves a killer old fashioned.

Bottled Ready To Drink in 375s - your trusty companion for the holidays.  



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