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Primates: Forward ≠ Future: Bergamot Sec

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  • Grain Neutral Spirit & Whole Fresh Bergamot
  • 375mL
  • 25% Alc. by Vol.

Into the Bottle
In the throws of winter we all wait with bated, frosted breath.  For…for citrus season!  Odd that the time of year most noted in our nipped noses and frosty cheeks would then lend a gesture of sublime.  Citrus season brings oddities and anomalies, otherworldly shapes, singular intense aromas, all of them bright and able to cut the cold.

We have for a while now made our expressive, aromatic Now Where Sunkissed + Star Gazed Triple Sec.  Though it will forever hold a special place in our heart, we wanted to dive even deeper into the wide & diverse realm of citrus.  

In February we brought in whole fresh, kumquats, meyer & pink lemons, and bergamots.  We then macerated them each separately in grain spirit for months, through snow and spring, straining them off just this summer.  The result are three equally expressive, wildly different takes on the category of a ‘Sec’ liqueur.

Now available on the drop shop is our Primates Forward ≠ Future Bergamot Sec.  So it goes most people don't get to taste much Bergamot beyond, let's say, Earl Grey Tea. The fruit looks like an awkward lime, spotty and wonky. With garden aromatics and an intense geranium bitter.   Bergamot is fleeting, if you manage to find some, often it’s not much.  For this, The Forward ≠ Future is an extremely limited batch, a few dozen bottles.  Grabs some, have a sip, and, with us, look forward to the glisten of citrus season in the trough of winter.
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