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Rose Cravat - A Cocktail by Chad Arnholt

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Rose Cravat
A fresh floral sipper with/in spring tones.

Suggested Serve

Suggested serve:
On the rocks or chilled with soda.
Into the Bottle
My first day on the floor and the crew were all circled, pondering a pile of citrus peels leftover from a lovely ferment Leslie spiked with pink heirloom lemons.  Bartender brains are old libraries (the ones still with card catalogs) and somewhere deep the recipe for Oleo Saccharum dusted it’s cover.  A simple method for extracting oils & essences by packing a ton of peels into a bit of sugar; the Ah Ha! was to bet those oils could go on to embrace & infuse with a bit of dried rose petal (house favorite).It hit near 70 this past week way out in Greenport.  New grassy fields are verdant green.  Bits of yellow and pink are peeping through the woods.  This time of year is for bright, crisp sippers.  Made with lemon oil & rose essence, White Peppercorn botanical, and the floral & earthy Orris Root (Iris) botanical, it’s what I’m nipping when I’m skipping stones on the first beach day or packed into my flask pocket of my gardening duds.  Serve it over ice with a fresh zest of lemon or sip some chilled right from the bottle.
-C. Arnholt
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