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Flamingo Riviera sits at 20% ABV and it tastes like sweet mangos with a big chili profile - a bit spicy, a bit tangy, a little smokey, with a touch of raisin and fruit.  We're going to be splashing this into every drink while we clutch on to summer over the next 2 months.. starting with this Flamingo Daiquiri!

Mango, Chilis (Arbol, Ancho, Guajillo), Pasilla, Fresh Persian Lime, Black Lime, Certified Organic Corn Spirit, Sugar

Flamingo Riviera Cocktail Library

Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Ingredients 1 oz Wall Flower Rum .75 oz Flamingo Riviera .5 oz coffee liqueur 1 oz simple syrup 1:1  1.5 oz cold bre...

The Flamingo Shake

Ingredients .75 oz Ritual Sister .75 oz Flamingo Riviera .75 oz Cochi Rose .75 oz Fresh lime Method Build measured in...

Rather Be Elsewhere

Ingredients 2 oz Metamodernity Cask Strength .75 oz Flamingo Riviera .5 oz Elsewhere Blood Orange Aperitivo Method B...

The Flamingo Sister

Ingredients 1 oz Ritual Sister .75 oz Flamingo Riviera .75 oz Sweet Vermouth .5 oz Green Chartreuse Method Build mea...

La Flor De La Riviera

Ingredients .5 oz Wall Flower Rum 1 oz Flamingo Riviera .75 oz Bonal Kina Top with tonic water  Method Build Wall Flo...

Flamingo Ritual Spritz

Ingredients 1 oz Flamingo Riviera .5 oz Ritual Sister 1 oz Gran Classico 2 oz Club Soda Method Build Flamingo, Ritual...

Flamingo Pursuits

Ingredients 1 oz Nocturnal Pursuits Vermouth 1 oz Flamingo Riviera 1 oz Amontillado Sherry 1 dash angostura bitters 2...

Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Ingredients 1.5 oz Wall Flower Rum .5 oz St. George Raspberry Liqueur .75 oz Flamingo Riviera Method Build measured i...
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